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Increase your presence on the Web! Under $80/year! Awesome Web Advertising Service designed to drive more traffic to your website and keep your advertising budget. Flat rate. No Pay Per Click charges. You get unlimited clicks when web surfers find you on the search engines, on Web Business Directories and on blog site links! Add your text, images and a YouTube Video inside your Web Full Page Ad with different links to your website. Edit your Ad as often as desired, no extra charges !

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SEO TIP: Create an awesome Landing Page (web page on your site). When people find you in a search engine or on web advertising you are doing, they land on either your home page or another page on your web site. This is called a Landing Page. This page is critical to show the world any specials or services you want to promote. It is the key to more business. For example if you have an ecommerce system, you might want to land them on the products and services page for them to immediately start shopping. If you want to explain your corporate benefits and have that on your Home page then you would make the Landing Page, your Home Page. If you getting lots of visitors to your site (based on setting up your free Google Analytics account), and you not getting sign ups or calls, the either revisit why your offerings are not as good as your competitors or look at your landing site web page to make sure your benefits, promotions or sign up buttons are clearly identified.