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Unlimited Clicks.  No PPC or click charges. Change your Web Ad as often as desired for no extra charge

Bizness's Site Marketing Service is an awesome new type of Internet Advertising designed to drive more traffic to your web site and keep your advertising budget at a flat rate with no PPC (Pay Per Click) charges.  You get unlimited clicks when web surfers find you on all our search engine sites and all our Business directories!


Can I add a YouTube Video inside my Web Full Page Ad?

Yes. We give you 3 positions to place it, 2 sizes and an option to open up on a separate web full page for your video if you want. The separate web full page for your video does not need any options set on that video in your YouTube account. However if you want the YouTube Video embedded, (meaning inside the web full page ad), you need to allow that by checking the 'allow embedding check box' for that video in your YouTube account. 


Google, Yahoo, Bing Icons Image Links Added For You.  Add links to Your Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel and WordPress Web Pages.

Your full page ad can have up to 12 links on it.  These include three links to your web site and 10 links to more information about your site and company.  The 3 links to your web site include the keyword link, the logo(described below) link, and your product or service image link(described below) to take them to your landing page or page for them to sign up for your services you are offering.  The 7 Image icon links at the bottom of your full page ad are a special addition.  Three of these 10 links are a link to your web site in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The other 6 image icon links are optional  You have the option to turn on and off the Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and Blog Site Image icon links.  You Set the URL path for your Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and Blog Site Image icon links in your private web account to take users directly to that web page to show them more of your benefits.



PRODUCT AND SERVICE ADVERTISING!!  Your Web Full Page Ad webpage on over 20 Business Directories.  Add a Corporate Logo and a Product or Service image with separate hyperlinks to take them right into your site to sign up for a service or buy a product! 

Your Directory Web Full Page Ad is an extra HTML page added on over 20 Business Directories with the name wwwyoursitecom.htm where wwwyoursitecom is the name of your web site without the periods.  This Web Full Page Ad webpage has your Ad Caption, 100 characters of your Custom Title, 500 characters of your Executive Summary (your words to drive more traffic to your Home Page), all your meta keywords, and meta descriptions that were crawled from your Home Page. You can add a Corporate Logo and a Product or Service image with separate hyperlinks to take them right into your site to sign up for a service or buy a product!  After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  After logging in, you can customize your Directory Link Page.


Your Full Page Ad is entered on over 20 Business Directories, and Growing!

This screen asks for your Business/Organization Name.  Your Home Page (which you enter on screen 2 of this sign-up process) will be listed in Alphabetical order under your Business/Organization Name.  Web Surfers can click on your Business Directory link to go to your free Directory Link Page.  These Business Directories can be found on:  http://www.biznessmarketing.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznessad.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznessads.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznessadvertising.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.bizness2biz.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznesscommunication.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznessjournal.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznessdirectories.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznesslisting.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznessfind.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.bizness-directory.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznessarticles.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.searchbizness.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznessintelligence.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm, http://www.biznesssearch.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.lookupbizness.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.fullpageinternetadvertising.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.fullpageonlineadvertising.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm http://www.fullpagewebadvertising.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.findbizness.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.small-business-ad.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , https://www.webfullpagead.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm , http://www.biznessreview.com/directory/TableOfContents.htm .    Your Directory Web Ad Page not only has your Ad Caption and Executive Summary text (to drive more traffic to your Home Page), but also has a hyperlink for web surfers to go directly to your Home Page.

Yearly Subscribers Get an EXTRA option of having their web full page ad posted to 31 blog sites( 30+ unique posts) for a one-time charge of $100 during sign up if you let us build your initial ad for $100. We email you to approve your ad after we build it with information from your website home page. Then when you email us back to confirm the posting, we send do a one-time posting to 30+ Blog sites listed below. Each blog post is unique placed on:

https://advertising-on-the-web.com , https://autoblogposting.com , https://bizness-seo.com , https://bizness-blog.com , https://bizness2biz.net , https://biznessad.net , https://biznessads.net , https://biznessadvertise.net , https://biznessadvertising.net , https://biznessblog.net , https://biznesscommunication.net , https://biznesscommerce.net , https://biznessdeals.com/ , https://biznessdirectories.net , https://biznessfind.net , https://biznessglobal.com , https://biznesshelp.com , https://biznessjournal.net , https://biznesslisting.net , https://biznessknowledge.com , https://biznessperformance.com , https://biznessnetworking.com/ , https://biznessreview.net , https://biznesstoday.net , http://blog-and-business.com , https://blog-making.com , https://blog-networking.com , https://design-a-blog.com , https://internationalbizness.net , https://post-a-blog.com/



Your domain(Home Page) is entered on 4 Business Search Sites

Your Home Page is entered on 4 Business Search Sites.  The results screen on each of these 4 business search sites not only gives a link to your Home Page, and not only gives a link to your Full Page Ad (Directory Web Ad Page) but also shows your Advertising Caption right in the middle of the screen.  These 4 business search sites can be found on: http://www.biznessfind.com http://www.biznesssearch.comhttp://www.lookupbizness.com and http://www.biznessads.com


Your Advertising Caption is shown on all of our  Search Sites

After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  After logging in, you can add up to 100 characters of an Ad Caption.  This Ad Caption will be displayed in the middle of the Search Results screen when web surfers find you on any of our Bizness Search Sites. You can change your Ad Caption daily if you want to promote specials to drive more web traffic to your Home Page.


Do I Get A Discount Signing Up To Be Billed Yearly Versus Monthly?

Yes!  Sign-up process gives you the option of signing up at the monthly rate or at the yearly rate.  The yearly rate gives you a big percent discount!


Free Monthly Email on Advice and Tips for Search Engine Rankings

After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  Once your account is activated we will email you the "TIP OF THE MONTH" with advice on how to the major search engines do their Rankings. This advice focuses on your html tags and keywords in your Web Site.



How Easy Is It To Cancel a Subscription for one of my Domains?

After you complete this sign-up process you are emailed how to activate your account and then log in to it.  After logging in, you can click on the Cancel Subscription button and your credit card payment will be stopped the next business day.


Is there help for my private internet account?

Yes we have at least 3 YouTube HOW TO videos right in your Advertising Profile screen for step by step instructions! You can also click on this link for help on creating your Directory Web Ad Page and adding a logo. or click on this link for Topical Index Help.

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