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No click charges! Minimal investment to drive more traffic to you site. Our Site Marketing Services help to increase your web presence. Create your own Ad Caption that is shown in the Results Screen on 4 business search sites. We give you a free Directory Link Page (mini web page) with your custom text and logo that will be found on over 20 Business Directories. With your own private Internet Account you can change your Ad caption and Directory Link Page Text as often as desired!

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Web Full Page Ad Business Directory: Web Full Page Web Ad provided by Sozo Hosting Advertising Division: Experts in Windows Dedicated Server , Linux Dedicated Server, Windows Cloud Server Hosting ... Web Ads ... Free White Pages Listings

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SEO TIP: Google and Yahoo have Maps that you can put your address on. This will get you an additional listing when someone does a search. You can also add some additional information about your site and a link to your site. For more information on how to add your physical business location to Google Maps, create a new account on Google for yourself and then click on the Maps link and add your physical location. You will have to verify your location by either a phone number or with a PIN that is on a Postcard that Google sends to you. If you have a store front, make sure you get on Google Places. You also can create a Google map and add the html to a web page on your site.